Grab a bag or 10 of individually-wrapped lollies and chocolate to give out to those curios trick or treaters!

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Fun Sized Halloween Sampler Care Package

$27.50 USD

Box Contents

  • 15x Minties
  • 15x Fantales
  • 5x Allens Chew Mix
  • 10x Natural Confectionery Fruity Chews
  • 5x Redskins
  • 5x Cherry Ripe
  • 5x Caramello Koala
  • 2x Freddo
  • 2x Crunchie
  • 2x Flake

All items fun size.

Large Halloween Favourites Care Package

$109.00 USD

Box Contents

  • Minties Family 370g x2
  • Redskins Family 330g x2
  • Fantales Family 340g x2
  • Allens Chew Mix 370g
  • Natural Fruity Chews 220g x2
  • Cherry Ripe Share Pack 180g x2
  • Caramello Koala Share Pack 180g
  • Crunchie Share Pack 180g