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Australian Christmas gifts to send overseas.

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The Australian Christmas is in the summer, and while you can’t send summer overseas, there are plenty of other Australian traditions and gifts which you can. Browse our range of Aussie Christmas gift hampers, Aussie Christmas puddings, Australian Christmas Cards and Australian Christmas Baubles.

Australian themed Christmas ornaments

Browse our range of Australian baubles and tree toppers. We have koala elves and koala angels. Fairy bread baubles, sets of native birds and native animals.

Australian Christmas Food

Darrell Lea Christmas Nougat Pudding, anyone? Or a Cadbury Christmas stocking or Cadbury advent calendar? We have a huge range of Australian Christmas confectionery, including the kit kat, violet crumble and Cadbury marshmallow Santa.

Australian Christmas pudding

Browse our range of traditional Australian puddings. Matured Christmas puddings brimming with plump vine fruits, infused with cognac and matured for 9 months to ensure depth of flavour.

Australian Christmas cards

Check out our range of Australian Christmas Cards, all designed in Australia and filled with beauty and Aussie humour. That make an excellent addition to every Aussie gifts sent overseas to a loved one.

Aussie Christmas gift hampers are perfect for:

Christmas Care Package Large

Homesick rellos

Nothing tastes quite the same as your favourite sweet or chocolate. Cheer up homesick Aussies with a Christmas gift hamper with all their favourite Christmas treats from home.

Australian Christmas hampers for overseas

We specialise in international delivery for our Australian Christmas hampers. Delivering to the USA, UK and pretty much everywhere in the world.

Corporate Australian Christmas gift hamper

Australian Christmas gift hampers are perfect gifts for clients, suppliers, partners and colleagues. Celebrate a new deal, reward hard work or wish a team well with a sweet selection of Aussie confectionery.

A surprise!

Delight your loved ones with a surprise Christmas gift hamper of their favourite Australian confectionery.

Send the perfect gift for homesick Aussies

What better way to cure homesickness than with an Aussie Care Package full of the most popular Australian snacks. Just select and order and we take care of the rest!

Customisable care packages

Sweet, savoury, or a bit of everything. Create the perfect Aussie snack hamper combination for your loved one to suit your budget.

Inexpensive worldwide shipping

We can ship your goodies at better rates than doing it yourself. Shipping starts at US$8.99 (check care package rates) per order.

Personalise your package with a message and photo

Add a personal message and photo to your care package, for no additional fee.

Christmas day can be lonely for our Aussie natives living in America, why not make their day and send an iconic gift from home? Australian Vegemite – whether you lather it on your hot toast with lashings of butter, or have it on a vegemite sandwich, or vegemite with avocado and egg for breakfast, or use it in your spaghetti bolognese.  This versatile jar or Australia will NOT go to waste.  Available in all sizes from The Australian Food Shop.  Buy some, to say ‘I love you’ today.

Christmas Day, a day of indulgence and togetherness.  After breakfast, lunch or dinner you’ll want that special sweet delicious something to go with your coffee, tea or hot egg-nog.  The perfect accompaniment with your hot drink is an Australian Tim Tam.  There’s nothing better than seeing a tray of delicious Tim Tams in the centre of the table. A crowd favourite for kids and grownups alike.  

Try the Tim Tam Challenge, and bite off the opposite corners and suck your hot drink through your Tim Tam.  You won’t look back.

Buy Australias best Aussie Snack, Arnotts Tim Tams.  Available from The Australian Food Shop.  Buy Tim Tams today.

The Australians have it as a staple – if you have hot chips or roast potatoes, you add a healthy shake of Chicken Salt.  Us Aussies use it in Gravy, we coat our Chicken or Turkey before it goes in the oven, in fact, if we know that our takeaway shop has run out of chicken salt, we’ll walk away.  

If you have an Aussie coming over for Christmas Dinner, you NEED to have chicken salt as an offering, or sprinkle it over your turkey for an out-of-this-world flavour, and will make your Aussie guest feel at home.

Read more about Chicken Salt here, and if you’re ready to buy, The Australian Foodshop has many options for you to choose from.