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The Australian Food Shop has all the Aussie snacks you can’t get in the UK, plus more. With shipping available world-wide, why not send a care package to someone you love, and help them miss home a little less. 


Marmite vs. Vegemite has long held the fore on the great culinary debate in Australia and the UK, but now there’s a new battle afoot – Penguins vs. Tim Tams.

In mid-2020, supermarkets in Australia began stocking the Penguin, the original British version of the iconic Tim Tam. This is surely a brave move in a country where 35 million packets of Tim Tams are sold each year! Buy Vegemite
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Tim Tams

Any Australian will tell you Tim Tams are by far the superior biscuit, while our British cousins will argue the case for the Penguin. Tim Tams are highly-sought after in the UK, both by ex-pat Aussies and by locals, so only time will tell if those down under take to the crunchier texture of the Penguin.

But what about those snacks with no British equivalent? Let’s take a look at a few uniquely Aussie foods that are sure to get your mouth watering. Buy Tim Tams. 

Mint Slice

Another classic from Arnott’s, the Mint Slice has a round chocolate biscuit base with a just-softer-than-solid, distinctly minty fondant cream, covered in crispy, not-too-sweet dark chocolate. Perfect for after dinner. Buy Mint Slice


Life’s pretty straight without ‘em. These delicious twisted corn and rice snacks are available in cheese or chicken flavour, and frankly both are perfect. No two Twisties are the same shape, thanks to the way the mix of corn, semolina and rice is pressed and cooked. Buy Twisties

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Caramello Koala

If there’s one thing Australia does well, it’s chocolate. Cadbury has a suite of beloved favourites – the Freddo Frog and Cherry Ripe to name a few – and prestigious chocolatier Darrel Lea is famous for its Rocklea Road and varieties of liquorice (soft and hard, twisted and bullets available).

However, it is the Caramello Koala that takes out the chocolate crown. While it might seem questionable to devour a national icon with such gusto, the chubby little koala with the belly full of oozy caramel is too delicious to hesitate over! Buy Caramello Koala

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Red Skins

This lolly is surely responsible for more trips to the dentist than any other! Intensely raspberry flavoured, these small, rectangular, bright crimson sticks are stretchy, sticky and outrageously chewy. Despite definitely not being an easy sweet to eat (think sticky fingers and lips and a bright red tongue!) these lollies are up there with the best of the best. Buy Red Skins

Despite the Australian propensity to wander and explore the world, they get surprisingly homesick, so its important that we reach and support them with regular access to comfort food and snacks. If you are an Aussie or know one living in the states – who needs a bit of Australian love, order an Aussie Snacks Care Package today.

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