Care Packages for Homesick Aussies Overseas

care packages for homesick aussies overseas

There is something uniquely satisfying about the foods you grew up with. The ones that stack the shelves in your pantry and are your go-to in times of need (or want, or boredom, or desperation!)

For your loved ones overseas, finding in comfort in their favourite Aussie foods was once a matter of waiting for friends and family to visit, lugging suitcases filled with their favourite staples.

Not anymore.

Cure Homesickness with Aussie Comfort Foods

The Australian Food Shop’s care packages are the perfect solution for homesick Aussie living abroad.

Carefully curating the best in Australian snack foods, pantry staples, confectionary and lollies, drinks and even self-care supplies, Australian Food Shop has everything you need to help your friends and family feel right at home, wherever they are.

Absolute Classics that Need No Introductions

Tim Tams, Vegemite, Milo – a warm hug in a mug. All the chips you could dream of: Twisties, Cheezels, Smiths, even the fancy ones like Red Rock Deli and Kettle.

And the lollies – so many lollies! Allen’s, Darrell Lea, The Natural Confectionary Company. The choice is dizzying.

A Care Package for Every Budget

From fun sized selections featuring classic favourites such as Freddo Frogs, Shapes and Redskins, right up to Massively Mammoth packages which are chock-full of all the best variety packs, multipacks, bikkies, chips and lollies anyone living abroad could ever want, our Aussie care packages have something for everyone!

And yes, whichever Aussie Care Package you choose from the Australian Food Shop, each and every one comes with a trusty tube of Vegemite.

Aussie Online Supermarket

Our speciality is sourcing Aussie snacks, treats and pantry items that you just can’t get overseas. If our online store doesn’t have what you’re after, simply let us know and we’ll track it down for you!

Great Value for Money

What’s more, Australian Food Shop can select, pack and send these Aussie care packages anywhere in the world, all for a better rate than sending through normal mail or courier channels, saving you time, effort, hassle, and dollars, wherever you’re ordering from.

So if you’ve got a loved one living overseas, or are living away from Oz and are missing your favourite comfort foods, cure that homesickness with an Aussie care package from the Australian Food Store.