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Tim Tam Double Coat

Fancy a Tim Tam?

Arnott’s Tim Tams. Few other biscuits have achieved such cult status in Australia. The mere mention of this most beloved of choccie bikkies immediately makes Aussies (both at home and abroad) weak at the knees.

What is it about the Tim Tam that makes us all so giddy? Is it the magical combination of chocolate icing sandwiched between two crisp chocolate biscuits, then dipped in a delicious, delicate chocolate coating (did I mention the chocolate)? Is it the guilty delight of snaffling the last one (why else are there 11 in the pack)?

Let’s not forget the multitude of special editions. The original now shares supermarket shelf space with the Tim Tam Double Coat, Tim Tam Dark, Tim Tam Choc Mint,  Tim Tam White, and Tim Tam Chewy Caramel.

As culinary boundaries have expanded, so too have the flavour profiles of the Tim Tam, with an exotic yet distinctly Aussie collection including Murray River Salted Caramel Tim Tams, Sunshine Coast Strawberries and Cream Tim Tams, Manuka Honey and Cream Tim Tams, and of course Tim Tam Original. It would be un-Australian not to try them all.

Why not spoil your main squeeze, woo your crush (or even just treat yourself) with the perfectly curated Tim Tam package – surely the short-cut to anyone’s heart!

The Tim Tam Slam

The Tim Tam Slam

As with most things, there’s the normal way to do things, and then there’s the Aussie way. In fact, the Tim Tam has its own special method – the Tim Tam Slam.

For those who have never experienced the pure decadence of the Slam, let’s break it down.

  1. Get yourself a hot drink – coffee, tea, and hot chocolate work best (for family-friendly versions).
  2. Take your Tim Tam and bite off the two short ends, leaving the two long sides intact. Side note: There is serious contention among the Tim Tam community (basically all of Australia) about whether the best method is to bite off the whole of each short end, or diagonally opposite corners. Our advice is to try both techniques, and go for what works for you
  3. Dip one end of the Tim Tam in your beverage, and stick the other in your gob.
  4. Now suck (we never said this was going to be elegant). Your Tim Tam has become a straw. Your hot drink will melt the chocolate cream centre and fill your mouth with deliciously oozy chocolatey delight.
  5. The last step is uncertain. You either get to the stage where everything is so melted you have to shove the whole messy affair into your cakehole in one go, or (tragically) the Tim Tam slides from your chocolate-covered fingers into your hot drink, or you manage to delicately nibble the melted parts and maintain your dignity (although no-ones has ever actually done this).
  6. That, friends, is a Tim Tam Slam. 

Tim Tams Home Delivered

If you truly want to spoil yourself while you’re pining for home, or surprise a loved-one living abroad, Tim Tams are the logical – some might argue only – solution. Teamed with an assortment of Allen’s lollies and other Aussie favourites, The Australian Food Shop’s carefully curated care packages will definitely hit the spot. The Australian Food Shop delivers worldwide, straight to the door. What more could you need? Order now!

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