Aussie Supermarket Snacks Delivered Worldwide

Favourite Aussie foods available worldwide

One of the great delights of travelling is definitely food. Trying new cuisines and dishes excites the senses and helps create memories.

If you decide to settle down overseas, the foods of your adopted home soon become your everyday fare. For Aussies living overseas, finding your favourite brands to recreate much-loved home-cooked dinners can be difficult, if not impossible!

Favourite Aussie foods available worldwide

The Australian Food Store solves this problem for homesick Aussies living abroad.

We are an online supermarket, accessible world-wide – a one-stop-shop that carries all your favourite snacks, treats, pantry staples and more. The Australian Food Store has the largest range of Australian foods available online, with simple ordering and shipment to anywhere in the world.

When only the original Aussie brand will do

All Aussies know there are simply no replacements for some of our favourite classics. No knock-off has ever come close to the Tim-Tam. No other chocolate milk tastes quite like Milo. Let’s not even go into the Vegemite/Promite/Marmite debate!

That’s why the Australian Food Store carries the largest range of the brands Aussies love – Arnott’s, Smith’s, Darrel Lea, Cadbury’s, Natural Confectionary Co, Red Rock Deli, Whittaker’s, plus many more.

We want to make sure you Aussies living overseas can get your hands on your favourites, no matter where you are in the world. If we don’t have the item you’re after listed on our online store, just email us and we’ll find it for you!

Not just snacks and treats

We know that what makes Australian food special is more than biscuits, chips, crackers and lollies. We also stock a huge range of drinks, spreads, condiments, breakfast cereals, desserts, baking products – everything you need to recreate your Aussie pantry.

Our huge range of canned foods, instant meals, seasonings and spices, stocks and sauces mean you will always be able to cook your family’s favourites… and they’ll taste just like they do at home.

We haven’t forgotten the kids!

Make packed lunchboxes a breeze with our huge selection of school snacks. From Roll-ups, Le Snaks, Uncle Tobys and Carmen’s muesli bars, to Angus Park dried fruits and Sun Rice rice cakes, the Australian Food Store has all the kids’ most loved snacks and treats.

Great rates on worldwide shipping

Shopping with us is quick and easy and our shipping rates offer great value for money. In fact, it’s cheaper to shop and ship with us than it is for your family and friends to purchase and send themselves! So check out our full range of goodies and stock up on your favourites today!