How does shipping work?

Please see our Shipping Page or contact us.


Where do you post to?

We post almost everywhere overseas. Check the International Zones section at the bottom of our Shipping Page to confirm that we post to your country, and contact us directly if you can’t find your location.


Do you also post to Australia?

Yes, we post to Australia, with both Standard and Express options available.


What currency is your store in?

All of our prices are in USD, as this is the currency used by many of our customers. You can purchase from us in any currency, and it will automatically be converted upon payment.


What if the product that I want isn’t on your website?

You can request any products that you can’t find on our store via our Product Request Form, and if we can access the product we will add it for you.


Can I send a gift to someone else?

Of course! Just put the receiver’s address as the shipping address, and your own address as the billing address.


Chocolate Disclaimer:

All of our products are carefully packed in an air conditioned facility, however once they are with the couriers we unfortunately have no control over them. The Australian Food Shop cannot be held responsible for the melting of any products while in transit.


Heavy Drinks/Items Disclaimer:

Some of our heavy drinks and similar items may clash with other items in transit, which could potentially lead to spoilage. To avoid this, we recommend using DHL Priority and ticking the “Separate Heavy from Light items” box at Checkout. 

Some products sent via Standard or Express shipping may not be eligible for a refund if damaged in transit. These items include:

  • UP & GO 250ml Packs
  • Soft Drink Glass Bottles
  • Soft Drink 1.25L Bottles
  • Soft Drink Cans
  • Energy Drinks
  • Cordial Bottles
  • Vegemite Jars


Customs Disclaimer:

Please note it is your responsibility to understand the customs laws of your country, and which foods may not be allowed in. Customs duties may be payable and are the customer’s responsibility. We do not issue refunds when products/packages are refused due to customs decision.