Where can I buy manuka honey near me?

We send the highest quality manuka honey from Australia to nearly every country around the world.

Is manuka honey safe?

For most people, yes!

But for some groups, manuka honey is not recommended without first consulting a doctor.

People with diabetes should consult a doctor before consuming manuka honey. Like normal honey, manuka honey is high in natural sugar. It may affect blood sugar levels of those with diabetes.

People who are allergic to honey or bees may have a reaction to manuka honey as well.

Infants under the age of one should not consume manuka honey according to the American Academy of Pediatrics due to the risk of infant botulism.

Why does honey become lumpy?

Honey crystallisation is a normal process in which the natural sugars in the honey form a crystal lattice, making the honey less liquid and smooth. This does not mean the honey has gone bad or is bad quality, and if you want to reverse crystallisation just leave the jar or packet in a warm spot in the sun or in some warm water for some time.

Does manuka honey expire? / Can manuka honey go bad or spoil?

The best before or expiry date on honey packaging is required by Australia consumer law. However if honey is stored in an airtight container it should last forever.

What grade of manuka honey do I want?

The strength of manuka honey you want depends on what you need it for. See our manuka honey information page for an explanation of the grading system, but in general a higher grade manuka honey will have a stronger therapeutic effect.

Here is a general guide:

  • Grade 2+, MGO 30+ is good for eating, but has relatively weak therapeutic effects.
  • Grade 5+, MGO 85+ has general health benefits with regular consumption.
  • Grade 10+, MGO 250+ boosts the immune system and supports natural healing.
  • Grade 15+, MGO 500+ is highly therapeutic and can be used for remedial purposes.
  • Grade 20+, MGO 800+ rare and hard to find, high in minerals, antioxidants, and bioflavonoids

Can manuka honey be used in tea and coffee?

Yes, Manuka Honey is a great substitute for sugar in Tea and Coffee. However it should not be placed into boiling water as this can kill some of the enzymes and medicinal value. Rather it should be placed into the tea or coffee once it has had time to become warm.

Can you use manuka honey when pregnant?

Manuka Honey is safe to use when you’re pregnant. There are no recommendations to avoid honey if you are pregnant, unless you have type I, type 2 or gestational diabetes.

Can you use manuka honey when breastfeeding?

Yes, mums who are breastfeeding can safely use manuka honey. There are no recommendations to avoid honey if your are breastfeeding.

Why is manuka honey expensive?

Manuka honey is extremely rare, being exclusively found in Australia and New Zealand. To put it into perspective, among all types of honey, Manuka Honey represents only 1%. There are also some difficulties in harvesting manuka honey which make it expensive. Manuka trees bloom from only two to six weeks a year. Bees only have 12 days to collect nectar from flowers before the individual flowers finish. And collecting the manuka pollen is also difficult and dependant on the weather conditions such as rain, wind, cold evenings.