Australian Fathers Day

Australian Fathers Day Gifts

We have a wide range of Australian Father’s Day gifts with lots of ideas for an Aussie Dad living overseas. We have the classic gift of socks with an Australian theme. Australian Father’s Day hampers with an assortment of Aussie food and treats. Funny Australian Father’s Day cards as well as mugs, playing cards and stubby holders. There is sure to be a gift for every Australian Dad abroad.

Our Favourite Australian Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Socks

We have a range of Father’s Day socks for every dad. There are the surf Roo and hang ten Koala socks for the dad who is into surfing. The Don Bradman and cricket socks for the dad who likes sport. And the Wombat Chill and Koala laid back socks for the dad who like relaxing.

Father’s Day Mugs

There are a variety of Father’s Day mugs to choose from. We have the boxing kangaroo mug, the koala with Aussie flag background mug, and the beautifully designed Aussie boys mug featuring animals playing sport.

Father’s Day Cards

We have a nice selection of Father’s Day cards. Our top picks are the Aloha Koala #1 Dad card and the “My face is up here Kangaroo card”.

Bunning’s Merchandise

Every Australian Dad loves bunnings, and what better gift to give your dad living overseas then some merchandise to remind him of his favourite store back home. There’s Bunnings drink bottle and umbrella, soccer ball, Aussie Rules Football, Rugby Ball, Frisby and a Bunnings basketball.

Cadbury Chocolate Coated Peanuts

What dad doesn’t love chocolate and nuts, and the best combination of those 2 items is Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, covering peanuts. Truly a classic Australian Father’s Day food.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

All the way from sunny Queensland is Bundaberg ginger beer. Brewed for authentic Aussie taste, this is one Father’s Day food which you can’t go past.

BBQ Shapes

Arnott’s BBQ Shapes have a flavour no Aussie Dad could forget. If your Dad is an Aussie living overseas, chances are this is one Australian food he would love for Father’s Day.

Masterfoods BBQ Sauce

Australian Dad’s love to BBQ and love some BBQ sauce on their steak or Sausage. The uniquely Australian flavours of Masterfoods BBQ sauce are sure to be a nostalgic hit for any Australian Dad living overseas.

Father’s Day Australia Facts

When is Father’s Day in Australia?

Father’s Day is always celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday of September every year. This is different to Father’s Day in the USA which is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year.

When did Father’s Day start in Australia?

Father’s Day started in 1935 in Australia and was officially recognized by the commonwealth in 1964 as the first day of September.

Traditional Father’s Day Gifts in Australia

There are a number of gifts which have become a tradition in Australia. At the top of the list would be socks, but make sure they fun and not boring. Another classic is a mug, but again it has to be a mug with some character. Bunnings merchandise is a winner as well as stubby holders.