Australian Biscuits

Are your relos overseas missing their favourite Aussie bickies? We’ve got you sorted with our extensive range of sweet and savoury biscuits and crackers. The A to Z of Australian classic biscuits are right here, from Anzacs to Vita-Weet, with plenty of Aussie treats in between.

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The great Aussie biscuit!

Tim Tam - Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit

Australian Food Shop knows just how much Aussies living overseas miss the iconic Tim Tam. Our Tim Tam range caters to all favourites and includes Double Coat, White, Dark, Chewy Carmel and Choc Mint. We have loads of other chockie bickies too such as Caramel Crowns, Mint Slice and Gaiety.

Classic Australian biscuits to have with a cuppa

Kick back with a fresh cup of Bushells and a pack of Nice, Arno Shortbread, Scotch Fingers, or Digestives. For those with a sweeter craving, our selection of cream and iced biscuits includes favourites such as the Monte Carlo, Iced Vovo and Shortbread Cream.

Bickies for the kids – Tiny Teddys, Milk Arrowroots and more

Aussie kids grow up munching on Milk Arrowroots and Shredded Wheatmeal. Remember making Vegemite and butter worms ooze out of your SAOS and Vita-Weat? Our range of kid-approved biscuits also includes Tic Tocs and the Tiny Teddy range.

Jatz, Arnott’s Shapes and crackers for cheese and bickies

For Aussie expats, no do or shin-dig would be complete without a platter of cheese and Jatz, a box to two of Arnott’s Shapes and some Sakata rice crackers. Feeling fancy? We also stock Red Rock Deli crackers, Natural Cracker Co: and Kettle.

Lunchtime favourites Cruskits, Vita-Weet, Salada and SAOs

Aussie crackers make a great lunchtime meal. Load up your favourite Australian cracker with your favourite toppings and away you go!

Australian biscuits to share

The Australian Food Shop also carries a huge selection of share and variety packs of sweet and savoury biscuits – perfect for lunchboxes and snacking on the go.

Aussie Biscuits are perfect for:

Homesick Aussies

There are few things as comforting as a bickie dunked in a hot cuppa or a warm Milo. Cheer up your loved one with a packet of their favourite biscuits from the Australian Food Shop.

Special occasions

Celebrate in spirit with your Aussie family and friends living overseas and send a selection of their favourite Aussie biscuits.

Corporate Aussie biscuits gift hamper

Australian biscuits make great gifts for clients, suppliers, partners and colleagues. Create a memorable morning tea with a distinctly Aussie flavour with our yummy range of Australian biscuits.

Any reason at all!

Delight your loved ones with a care package filled with their favourite Aussie biscuits and crackers.

Aussie food is the perfect gift for homesick family and friends

What better way to cure homesickness than with an Aussie Care Package full of the most popular Australian snacks. Just select and order and we take care of the rest!

Customisable care packages

Sweet, savoury, or a bit of everything. Create the perfect Aussie snack hamper combination for your loved one to suit your budget.

Fantastic rates on shipping too

Our low shipping rates mean we can send your care package overseas for much less than it would cost you to send yourself and without the hassle. Win, win!

Personalise your package with a message and photo

Add a personal message and photo to your care package, for no additional fee.