Bluey Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

Looking for some back to school items, or a fun birthday present for a Bluey fan? We’ve got you covered with a Bluey backpack, or a Bluey bag and a Bluey lunch box to top it off. All made with child friendly materials and built to last.

Our Favourite Bluey Backpacks

Bluey and Bingo Back Pack

A number of our backpacks feature Bluey and Bingo together on the design. These bags are both fun and practical with a large main compartment, a front pocket and a convenient hanging loop. Every kid will love a Bluey Bingo backpack.

Pink Bluey Backpack

The pink Bluey backpack is a large backpack made with durable soft poly canvas. This backpack is designed to last and styled to look great. The pink backpack has padded and adjustable shoulder straps as well as a front zipper pocket.

Yellow Bluey Backpack

This Pastel Yellow bluey backpack is sure to brighten up your little one’s school day. It comes with a convenient hanging loop, and is such a cute little bag for the kids. It features a picture of Bluey with her arm around Bingo on the front.

Bluey Toddler Backpack

The Bluey toddler backpack is a cute little blue and yellow backpack with a pictures of xylophones and bluey pulling faces dotted all over it. The material it is made of is polyester and It has a separate compartment on front to help kids carry all of their essentials.

Bluey School Backpack

Kids can carry all of their school essentials conveniently in this cool, printed Bluey school backpack. It’s features include placement prints, adjustable straps, zipper openings, a mesh side pocket and a hanger-hook tab.

Bluey Backpack USA

We sell and deliver our Bluey backpacks to the US and around the world, so if you are looking for some Bluey merchandise for your kiddo then look no further than the Australian Food Shop. If your after a Bluey item that we don’t stock then let us know and we will see if we can source it for you.

Bluey Bags and Lunch Boxes


Bluey Bag

We have a number of bags with Bluey designs, backpack bags for carrying books, lunch bags for carrying this kids lunch and morning tea as well as slim line bags to carry in one hand.

Bluey Lunch Bag

Send your kids off to school with the Bluey Slimline Bag, great for keeping school lunches tidy and organised! This adorable lunch bag features Bluey holding a delicious asparagus stalk. Designed with a handle for easy carrying, get your little ones excited for snacking at school with this cute slimline bag!

Bluey Lunch Box

You can say goodbye to squished food in the bottom of your bag with the multicompartment Bluey lunch box. Excellent for School, storing your food fresh and kept apart all day.

Zak Bluey Lunch Box

The Zac Bluey lunch box has two compartments to separate different foods. It is blue in colour with an orange outline. The pictures on the front are of Bluey touching her nose and Bingo waving her hands in the air.

Blueys Aunties and Uncles

Uncle Rad From Bluey

Uncle Rad is Blueys oldest Uncle. Rad works on an oil rig and so he doesn’t get to see his nieces very often, but when he does he always gives them a good time. Uncle Rad often comes to visit over Christmas and occasionally babysits Bluey and Bingo.

Frisky From Bluey

Many people ask -who Is Frisky in Bluey? Frisky is an old friend of Bluey’s parents Chilli and Bandit. She is godmother of Bluey, and in the later episodes of the cartoon Frisky and Uncle Rad fall in love and get married.

Uncle Stripe From Bluey

Uncle Stripe is Muffin’s Dad and Bandits younger brother. He is a fun uncle and buys Muffin an ice cream which then allows Bluey and Bingo to be able to have an ice cream too. In the episode ‘Fairy-tale’ we see that Bandit used to be mean to stripe when they were younger.

Trixie From Bluey

Trixie is Bluey and Bingo’s Aunty. She is the wife of Uncle Stripe and the Mum to Muffin. Trixie likes to play hockey with Bluey’s mum Chilli. She also has quite a fond love for potato chips as seen in the episode ‘Muffin Cone’.