Bluey Books

Grab the kids a Bluey book or 10 with the large range we have on offer. We have Bluey board books, Bluey activity books and Bluey colouring books. Let your kids grow in their reading abilities, artistic skill and fine motor skills with the assortment to choose from. And relive many of your favourite Bluey episodes with the interactive books as you read and play through them.

Our Favourite Bluey Board Books

Bluey Grannies Book

This book is based off the ‘Grannies’ episode on Bluey. Where Bingo and Bluey both dress up as ‘grannies’. And the question is asked, can grannies do the famous dance – the floss? It is such a fun book and includes a lenticular page to make the grannies floss!

Bluey Bob Bilby Book

This book is based off the ‘Bob Bilby’ episode on Bluey. Where Bingo gets to take Bob the Bilby home from pre-school, along with a camera and a scrapbook to record her week. However she finds much of her week is just playing on screens and realises she needs to do more fun things with Bob.

Bluey Sleepy Time Book

This board book is based off the Bluey episode called ‘Sleepy Time’. In this book Bingo goes on a dream filled adventure, along with some sleep walking and waking up Mum and Dad in the middle of the night.

Bluey Fruit Bat Book

Bluey Fruit Bat: A glow in the dark book is based off the bluey episode called ‘Fruit Bat’. In this book Bluey becomes a fruit bat in her dreams and fly’s out her window and around her neighbourhood. This book has the added fun of glowing in the dark.

Bluey The Pool Book

This board book is based off the Bluey episode called ‘The Pool’. In this episode Bluey and Bingo head to the pool with their Dad. However not everything goes to Plan, as Bandit forgets all their essential items. And the whole heeler family learn an important lesson.

Bluey My Mum Is The Best Book

In the ‘My Mum is the best book’ by Bluey and Bingo, you get to discover all of Chilli’s special Mum skills, which mostly can be attributed to all Mums by their children. It’s a fun and touching book and makes a great gift for both children and mothers alike.

Bluey Activity Books

bluey time to play a sticker activity book

Bluey Sticker Book

One thing common to all kids is they love stickers! And there is no better way to play with stickers then in the Bluey sticker books, we have several to choose from. I great activity for help you child’s fine motor skills as the need to remove and then place the stickers down.

Bluey Magnet Book

In the Bluey Magnet book you get to use magnets to create games for Bluey and her family and friends. There are a range of setting from the backyard to the forest and more. This is a fun filled magnet book for kids of all ages.

Where’s Bluey Book

The “where’s Bluey book” is just like the classic where’s wally books. You have to look hard to find Bluey, Bingo as well a number of other hidden items too in this search and find book.

Bluey and Friends Sticker Book

The Bluey and Friends: A Sticker Activity Book is far more than just a sticker book. It has loads of games to play as well as placing the stickers. This is a fun filled book for all ages is sure to keeps the kids occupied and in a far more constructive way than Infront of a screen.

Bluey Colouring books

Bluey Big Backyard Colouring Book

Bluey Big Backyard – A Colouring Book features loads of pages to colour in from the hit cartoon series. Some of the pages on offer to colour in include Bluey’s backyard, the creek and the playground.

Bluey: Fun and Games A Colouring Book

In the fun and games colouring book you get to colour in the grannies, a game of Feather wand, a trip to Rug Island and more. It has 64 pages to that are ready to be coloured in.

Bluey Craft book

In the Bluey craft book you get to play games, solve puzzles and create some art with Bluey and Bingo. It is full of interactive arts and crafts that has heaps to keep the kids entertained, help with their creative abilities and fine motor skills.

Bluey Books USA

We sell and deliver Bluey books to the USA and the rest of the world. Shipped out from Australia. Most orders arriving in a week to the US. Huge range to choose from.