Bluey Figurines and Playsets

Your kids will have a ball playing with the many and various Bluey action figurines and Bluey playsets. We have packs of all her friends and family so you can collect every Bluey figure. And there is no better place to play with the figures than in the playsets of the house, campervan, and pool. There will be so many imaginative games your kids will be able to play.

Our Favourite Bluey Figurines

Bluey Grannies Figurines

These adorable Bluey grannies figurines come with attachable glasses and blankets. You can dress and undress the girls in their blankets as in this pack the figures are articulated at the torso and arms. Recommended for ages three and up.

Bluey Family Figurines

Collect each of the Heeler family to play with when you get Bluey family figurines. There is Chilli the Mum, Bandit the Dad, Bingo the sister and of course Bluey. The figures are poseable for realistic play.

Bluey Friends Figurines

The Bluey friends figurines include the following figures: a figure of Coco, a figure of Snickers, a figure of Honey, a figure of Rusty and a figure of Chloe. All Figures in this pack have moving arms and body. Children will love to play with these adorable toys!

Bluey Figures Set

There are both 4 packs and 8 packs of Bluey figures sets. Let children play out their favourite stories with this fan favourite Aussie family, featuring Bluey, her family and friends!

Our Favourite Bluey Playsets

Bluey Figurines

Bluey Pool Time Playset

The Bluey Pool time play set features a pool with a diving board and a deck with a cabana over it. You get a Bluey toy dressed in a rash vest and ready to swim, as well as some floating ring toys for Bluey. Last but not least is a Bandit toy to supervise the swimming.

Bluey House Playset

The Bluey Family Home Playset is the perfect mini doll house for kids to play with. They can open and close the fridge door and back door. The kids can rearrange the furniture in the house however they choose as they give Bluey a bath and put Bingo to bed.

Bluey Caravan Playset

You get to go on a camping adventure with the Heelers with the Bluey Caravan playset. Bluey's Caravan Adventures Playset is loaded with features and things to do as you take a caravan vacation! Customize the caravan with the fun stickers supplied.

Bluey Play and Go Playset

The Bluey play and go playset is a unique toy which can easily be pack up and carried anywhere. The playset opens and folds out to create a play area with a paper insert Play Mat inside! The Bluey Figure is poseable and can easily be moved and positioned by small preschool hands.

Our Favourite Bluey Packs

Bluey Family and Friends Pack

The Bluey family and friends pack contains the following: Bluey, Bingo, Chilli (Mum) and Dad (Bandit), plus 4 of Bluey and Bingo's friends too - Honey, Socks, Chloe and Indy are included in this amazing 8 pack! All 3"" Figures in these packs have moving arms and body.

Bluey School Pack

Bring the fun and imaginative play of Bluey and her friends home with these cute Bluey figure packs! This 4 figure pack includes Bluey and three of her school friends – Rusty, Chloe and teacher Calypso! All figures have moving arms and torso so that they can get up to all sorts of adventures!

Bluey Cousins Pack

This Figure Pack is themed around Bluey’s cousins – Muffin and Socks. This Pack includes Bluey’s little sister Bingo and their two cousins – Muffin & Socks. Bring Bluey’s world to life with a range of playsets and accessories.

Bluey Heeler family Figure Pack

There is one of each of the family in the Bluey Heeler family Figure Pack. These packs make a great addition to all the playsets. As the are posable they can be used to play on the skateboard, or drive the car, open the fridge or even sit on the toilet.

bluey school pack 4 pack