Bluey Games

The fun loving 6-year-old Bluey is full of imaginative games in every episode. And now there are many Bluey games available for your children to play too. We have Bluey boards games, puzzles, quite games and active games. See our full range below.

Our Favourite Bluey Games

Bluey Puzzle

The Bluey floor puzzle features Blueys whole family with her house in the background. It consists of 46 pieces and is a wooden jigsaw puzzle. It’s large size is ideal for little hands.

Bluey Memory Game

The Bluey memory game is a classic memory game where you have pictures from the cartoon which you layout along the ground. Then 1 by 1 turn the pictures over and try to and remember where you saw the picture last to match them up.

Bluey Card Game

The Bluey 5 in 1 card game includes: Cheese 'N" Crackers (SNAP), Bluey's Battle (WAR), Go Fruit Bat (GO FISH), Grannies (OLD MAID) and Memory. Jumbo sized cards which are perfect for little hands to hold and play.

Bluey Hop, Skip and Splash

The Bluey Hop, Skip and Splash game is hopscotch but with a wet twist. It has a built in sprinkler system so is you land on the wrong spot you get a blast of water. A great games for children’s balance and coordination.

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Bluey Games

Bluey Board Games

We have a range of Bluey board games to choose from, for a range of ages from toddlers to older kids. If your children love the cartoons then these games make the perfect birthday or Christmas gifts.

Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game

In the Bluey scavenger hunt game kids must work together as a team to find 12 tokens. Its full of fun as you find, play and collect. The first person to collect the right amount of tokens wins. The game has various activities and questions to answer about Bluey.

Bluey Shadowlands Board Game

The Bluey shadowlands board game is based off the cartoon episode with the same name. In this game you need to stay in the shadows and stay out of the sun, the winner is the first person to collect 5 cupcake cards and make it to the picnic.

Bluey Ball

What child doesn’t love a ball to play with. The Bluey ball is a high bounce ball with a picture of Bluey and Bingo wrapped around. This light weight ball is perfect for children to pick up, kick and throw.

Games Bluey Plays

Bluey Keepy Uppy Game

To play the Bluey Keepy Uppy game all you need is a balloon. Then the challenge is to keep the balloon up in the air without letting it hit the ground what ever the cost, and hence the name Keepy Uppy.

Bluey Magic Xylophone Game

You can play your own version of the Magic Xylophone game. All you need is a xylophone (or any instrument). When the instrument is played the kids get to freeze mum/dad/each other and pose them, dress them up.

Bluey Octopus Game

The Bluey octopus game is a great game for inside the house. One person kneels on the couch and waves their arms around like an octopus, the others have to try and run past the couch without getting touched by the octopus’ arms.

Bluey Asparagus Game

In the Bluey asparagus game a piece of asparagus is chosen to be a magical asparagus. Whenever this magical asparagus is pointed at someone sitting around the table they need to pretend to be an animal and make animal noises.

bluey scavenger hunt game