Bluey Plush

The Bluey Plush range makes an excellent collection for the kids to cuddle, take along and play. We have a large range of Bluey plushies including Bluey and Bingo plush toys, Bluey family plush toys and Blueys friends plush toys. These stuffed animals range in size from small to ‘my size bluey plush’.

Our Favourite Bluey Push Toys

Bluey Singing Plush

Sing along to the Bluey theme song with the Bluey singing plush. Made with premium soft deluxe fabrics and detailed stitching so that the singing plush is soft to hold and perfect for cuddles.

Talking Bluey Plush

The talking Bluey plush is soft to hold and the perfect size for the kids to snuggle into and carry around. There are 9 different phrases from the cartoon TV show in this Bluey sound effects plush.

Bluey and Bingo Plush

We have a wide range of Bluey and Bingo plush toys with varying sizes from small to giant. Little ones will love playing with a soft, huggable, friend sized Bingo and Bluey stuffed animals.

Bluey Doll

Who wants a Barbie Doll when you can have a down to earth, same age range Bluey doll. Rather than have you children play romantic games with Ken, let them play games with Bluey where they get to imagine the joys and fun of childhood.

Bluey Bandit Plush

Add a plush of Blueys dad Bandit to the collection, one of the main characters and always full of fun. Little ones will love playing with a soft, huggable, friend-sized Bandit plush toy. The bandit plush stands at 33 cm (12”) tall.

Chilli Bluey Plush

Add a plush of Blueys mom Chilli to the collection, another one main characters and always full of love for her children. Little ones will love playing with a soft, huggable, friend-sized chilli plush toy. The chilli plush stands at 30 cm (12”) tall.

Our Favourite Bluey Plush Characters

bluey family plush bandit plush 1

Bluey Muffin Plush

Muffin is Bluey‘s non-stop cousin who always speaks her mind. At times she comes across as a little spoilt as her parents navigate the best ways to respond to her demands. The Muffin plush stands at 8” tall and is recommended for ages 3+.

Bluey Socks Plush

Socks is Muffin’s baby sister and cousin of Bluey. She is just starting to talk and is often found doing many traits of toddlers. A great addition as the baby of the plush collection. The Socks plush stands at 18cm tall and is recommended for ages 3+.

Bluey Snickers Plush

Snickers is a Sausage Dog also know as a dachund, he has brown and black fur and is in Blueys class at school and often plays games with Bluey. The snickers plush stands at 8” tall.

Bluey Mackenzie Plush

Mackenzie is a Border Collie with white and black fur. He one of Blueys good friends and they often go on adventures together. Mackenzie is full of energy and has a great and fun nature. The Mackenzie plush stands at 8” tall.

More Favourite Bluey Plush Characters

Bluey Honey Plus

Honey is another good friend of Bluey’s, and she is a Beagle with white and honey coloured fur. Her personality is described as assertive, thoughtful and mindful. The honey plush toy stands at 20cm tall.

Bluey Coco Plush

Coco is a pink poodle that wears blue butterfly clips in her hair. Coco is friends with most of the students at Blueys school and has an enthusiastic and impatient personality. The coco plush stands at 8” tall.

Bluey Lucky Plush

Lucky is Blueys next door neighbour and friend, he loves to play footy and watch the cricket like his Dad. Lucky is a golden Labrador and is often seen poking his head over the fence. The Lucky plush toy stands at 7.5” tall.

Bluey Rusty Plush

Rusty is a friend from Blueys school, he is a Red Kelpie and like a kelpie full of energy who loves playing army games. Rusty is one of Blueys closer friends. The Rusty plush stands at 8” tall.

bluey friends small plush rusty