Bluey Toys

Check out our huge range of Bluey toys based around the much loved carton character Bluey. There are plush toys, talking toys, figurine toys as well as playsets. We also have toys including Bingo and the whole Heeler family along with their house, car and caravan.

Our Favourite Bluey Toys

Bluey Plush Toy

The Bluey plush toy is a real favourite amongst the kids. We have all the sizes ranging from giant to small. This much loved cartoon character can now be carried all over the place, and cuddled up to in bed.

Bluey Camper Toy

Your kids can now take Bluey’s family and friends on a camping adventure with the Bluey camper. Let their imagination get to work with a fold up roof and cosy bunk beds to sleep on. Table and chairs as well of Bluey new camping friend Jean Luc.

Bluey Tent

The Bluey pop up tent is a great way to get the kids involved in active play with their very own little pop up cubby house tent. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and has a roll up door as well as a peep through window.

Bluey Grannies Toy

Dress Bluey and Bingo up as grannies with the Bluey grannies toy, based off the hilarious episode where both Bluey and Bingo let their imagination run wild and pretend they are both grandmothers.

Talking Bluey

The talking Bluey toy is a stuffed plush with sound effects. You press Blueys tummy to activate the sounds and here her speak 9 different phrases. The toy is 13 inches tall and included the Bluey theme song to sing along to.

Bluey House Toy

The bluey house toy is a large bluey house playset, it contains not only the house but also: Chairs to sit on, beds to sleep in, opening and closing fridge, bath to wash in, toilet and stools to sit on, a ladder to climb and the list could keep going.

Common questions about Bluey and Bingo

bluey inflatable flip out mini sofa

Are Bluey and Bingo girls?

Yes, both Bluey and Bingo are girls. These two sisters are best friends, who love to play together and yet sometimes fight, like siblings in any household. Bluey is the older Sister and Bingo the younger sister.

How Old is Bluey?

Bluey is 6 years old, and loves to do all the things common to 6 year old children. She attends school where she has lots of friends and a buddy, learns to ride a bike, discovering the world around her wherever she goes with 6 year old eyes.

How Old is Bingo from Bluey?

Bingo is 4 years old, and is Blueys younger sister. She has many characteristics common to 4 year old children, such as attending a pre-school, wanting to hang out and play with her older sister, and needing lots of help from her parents in everyday activities.

What kind of Dog is Bluey?

Bluey is a blue heeler dog, hence Bluey’s last name is Heeler. The blue healer is also know as the Australian Cattle Dog. Bingo is also an Australian cattle dog, however she is a red heeler like her mum, while Bluey is a blue heeler like her dad.

Common questions about Bluey’s Dad

What is Bluey’s Dad’s name?

Bandit is Bluey’s Dads name. Bandit is a wonderful father to both Bluey and Bingo, caring for them, playing with them and always having fun. There has even been talk of Bandit being nominated for Australian dad of the year.

What is Bluey’s Dad’s job?

For work Bluey’s Dad Bandit is an archaeologist. He is seen to be both travelling for work and working from home behind his desk. But whenever Bluey or Bingo knock on his office door he always has time to see them and play a game or two.

How Old is Blueys Dad?

Bluey’s Dad Bandit’s age is somewhere between 40-50 years old. We know this because in the episode ‘Fairy-tale’ is revealed that he was ten years old during the 1980’s so we know he was born somewhere in the 1970’s.

What happened to Bandit’s dad in Bluey?

Bandits Dad Bob is seen and mentioned in a number of Bluey episodes when Bandit is talking about or remembering the past, however he is never mentioned in the present time which would, give the impression he has since passed away.

Bluey Toys