Maltesers have that delicious crunchy malt filling that dissolves in your mouth. Loved by Australians for decades, there is nothing like watching a movie and having a Maltesers packet in your lap. And there is nothing like the taste of Australian Maltesers made with Australian milk.

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Maltesers Chocolate

Maltesers Chocolate Balls

The original chocolate balls make the perfect Maltesers snack. Milk chocolate covering a crunchy malty centre, if you haven’t tried one before then it is well worth trying one now.

Maltesers Teasers

Maltesers Teasers chocolate bar has the delicious chocolate of Maltesers mixed with little pieces of crunchy malt through out the bar. Any fan of the original balls will also love the bar.

Honeycomb Flavoured Maltesers

There are now many variations, and honey comb flavoured Maltesers are a must try. The crunchy malt in the middle has a sweet honey comb flavour that makes your tastebuds sing.

Dark Chocolate Maltesers

Another variation are the dark chocolate Maltesers, just like the original in that they have a crunchy malt centre, however they are covered with the rich and deep flavour of dark chocolate.

maltesers sharepack 140g

Maltesers Candy Facts

What are Maltesers

Maltesers are a chocolate confectionery which is much loved in Australia. They consist of a packed of chocolate balls which have crisp malt centres covered in smooth milk chocolate.

Maltesers Australia

Australian made Maltesers have a slightly different chocolate flavour then those made in other parts of the world. The main factor being the milk added to the chocolate, which tastes slightly in each country.

Are Maltesers British?

Maltesers were originally a British chocolate confectionery, being first sold in the UK in 1937. However they are now available in a number of countries around the world gaining much popularity in Australia.

Maltesers vs Whoppers

Maltesers are produced by Mars, while Whoppers are produced by Hershey’s. Maltesers came first and were invented 2 years before Whoppers. While they both contain malt Maltesers are larger and less dense than Whoppers.

Common Questions about Maltesers

Where to buy Maltesers

You can buy Maltesers online right here at the Australian Food Shop. We sell and deliver Maltesers to the US and to the rest of the world.

Are Maltesers Vegetarian?

Yes! Maltesers are suitable for those following a vegetarian diet. The do however contain milk, so are not suitable for Vegans.

Does America have Maltesers?

Since 2017 Maltesers have officially become available to the American market, however their chocolate tastes slightly different to Australian Maltesers, and the range of products in America are also much smaller than what is available in Australia.

How to eat Maltesers

There are many ways to eat Maltesers. The most common would be to grab a handful and stuff them in your moth at once and crunch away. However some people prefer to eat one at a time and suck the chocolate off and let the malt center dissolve in their mouth.

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