Always delicious, Vegemite is one of Australia’s most iconic foods, and when Australians are feeling homesick some Vegemite on toast is one of the best cures. As the slogan says is just “tastes like Australia”. The delicious savoury and salty yeast extract which has been around in Australia since 1923. See our full range below of Original Vegemite, Salt Reduced Vegemite, Gluten Free Vegemite and Vegemite Cheesy Bite.

What is Vegemite?

What is vegemite made of?

Vegemite is made of left over brewer’s yeast, vegetable flavours, spices and vitamins. These ingredients are combined to make the black paste that is found in each jar.

What does Vegemite taste like?

The taste of Vegemite is complex, it is savoury, salty, bitter and strong. It is full of flavour and only small amounts need to be applied to enjoy the full flavour.

Vegemite Ingredients

The following are the ingredients for Vegemite: Yeast Extract (from Yeast Grown on Barley and Wheat), Salt, Mineral Salt (508), Malt Extract (from Barley), Colour (150c), Flavours, Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folate.

Vegemite Vs Marmite

Vegemite and Marmite are a very similar product as they are both made from yeast extract. However Vegemite has a stronger flavour and is slightly more bitter.

Vegemite Toast

Vegemite on toast is a stable breakfast for every Australian. Best with butter on the base and a thin layer of vegemite over the top. Also great with cheese or avocado on top.

Vegemite Sandwich

Nearly every child in Australia has had a vegemite sandwich in there lunch box. And the vegemite sandwich came to fame even in the USA with the song lyrics “He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich”

Vegemite Scrolls

The vegemite scroll is found sitting on the shelf in nearly every Australian bakery. The savoury flavour of vegemite wrapped in and around the soft fluffy bread of the scroll.

Vegemite Crackers

Vegemite on crackers is yet another classic Australian past time, particularly on cracker with holes. One cracker is placed on another and squeezed so little vegemite worms appear.

Where to buy Vegemite

You can buy vegemite online right here at the Australian Food Shop. We sell and deliver vegemite to the USA, UK, and to the rest of the world.

Is Vegemite Vegan?

Yes! Vegemite is made with no animal products and is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Is Vegemite Gluten Free?

There is a gluten free version of vegemite meaning you can still enjoy this Australian classic if you are gluten free.

Is Vegemite Banned in the USA and Canada?

No Vegemite is not banned in the US or Canada and is allowed to be purchased.