Red Tulip Easter Eggs and Bunnies

Enjoy some Red Tulip Easter Eggs. Satisfy that craving with the Red Tulip Elegant Rabbit or Red Tulip Mixed Eggs. Make sure you don’t miss out as Red Tulip chocolate is only available during Easter.

red tulip giant sitting chocolate easter bunny 170g
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Red Tulip Chocolate Easter Bunny 170g

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Our Favourite Red Tulip Easter Eggs

Red Tulip Mini Easter Eggs

With the yummy flavour of Red Tulip Milk Chocolate, your mouth will be watering at the thought of these goodies. Get some mini eggs today.

Red Tulip Caramel Easter Eggs

Grab some Red Tulip Caramel Easter Eggs and be reminded of the nostalgic experience of eating a little exciting milk chocolate egg with the surprise of gooey caramel inside.

Elegant Rabbit Red Tulip

Have a classy Easter with the sophisticated Red Tulip Elegant Rabbit. Delicious milk chocolate, made into a Rabbit with a top hat.

Red Tulip Mixed Eggs

Red Tulip Mixed Easter Eggs are filled with both Caramel Eggs and Solid Milk Chocolate eggs, perfect for Easter Egg Hunts

red tulip easter rabbit

Common Questions about Red Tulip Easter Eggs

Are Red Tulip Bunnies Gluten Free? –

Red Tulip bunnies and hollow eggs are gluten free by ingredient, with no may contain statement. However the miniature mixed eggs are both caramel and milk chocolate, and the caramel mini eggs have wheat glucose in them.

Who Makes Red Tulip Easter Eggs?

Cadbury make Red Tulip Easter eggs, they purchased they company in 1988 and have been making Red Tulip Easter eggs since then.

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