Aunt Betty’s Golden Syrup Steamy Puds 2x95g

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No one really knew the question, but Aunt Betty’s steamy puds were the perfect answer to everything. Deliciously light and fluffy and steamed, just so. Indulge in some of the most delicious puddings you’ll ever taste with Aunt Betty’s oh so good Golden Syrup flavoured Steamy Puds. This delightful Steamy Pud is a steamed light sponge smothered in rich golden syrup sauce that will get your tastebuds excited. Pair with a dollop of Creme Fraiche for a mouth watering dessert to finish off your meals. Or go a little fancy and add broken up pieces of brandy snap on top. Contains no artificial colours or flavours. Easy to prepare, simply microwave the Puds for 30 seconds to heat, flip onto plate and enjoy. Happiness is like golden syrup, you can’t spread even a little around without getting some on yourself.

Fred Willets decided that his sister, ‘Aunt Betty Cole’, made the best steamed puddings and it was necessary for many more people to be able to enjoy these. So in 1996 Aunt Betty’s Traditional Steamed puddings were launched in the New Zealand market, quickly becoming New Zealand’s favourite steamed pudding and remaining in this position today. “Aunt Betty was a gem… Her enthusiasm and wit were legendary – and her puddings were out of this world!” This inspired the creation of a range of traditional quality products under the Aunt Betty’s name including; Creamy Rice, Fruit Snacks, Yorkshire Puddings and Christmas Puddings and Tarts.

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Weight 213 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1200 cm