Bosistos Nasal Spray Eucalyptus Saline 50ml

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A natural hypertonic saline solution with the freshness of eucalyptus.

How does Bosisto’s Eucalyptus N Spray work?

– Irrigates to clear nasal and sinus congestion.

– Thins nasal mucus and moisturises dry nasal passages – – Provides ideal moisture balance to assist nasal passage lining in trapping and expelling irritants.

Recommended for

– Maintaining optimum nasal health

– Colds & flu

– Allergies & hayfever

– Sinusitis

– Nasal dryness

– Use as often as needed

– Will not cause re-bound congestion or drowsiness

– Can be used with other cold, allergy or sinus medication(Consult your medical professional)

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