Celebrations Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 165g

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Do you know someone who deserves a little something extra this Easter? Why not gift the party starting energy of the CELEBRATIONS EASTER CASKET. Easter is better together, so alongside a creamy hollow chocolate egg you’ll be sure to find your favourite miniature chocolate bars from the classic smooth tastes of Milky Way and MARS, to the crunch of SNICKERS and Maltesers with a hint of Bounty and Galaxy, too. Whether it’s mum, dad, cousins or a friend, be sure get the gift that gets the party started this Easter with the CELEBRATIONS EASTER CASKET!Includes a 165g CELEBRATIONS EASTER CASKET with a six miniature chocolate bars inside.
All the best in one gift! Enjoy a miniature Bounty, MARS, Maltesers, Milky Way, Galaxy and SNICKERS pieces included in your CELEBRATIONS EASTER CASKET.
Show you care! Bring the whoop whoop to someone you love this Easter with the CELEBRATIONS EASTER CASKET.
Made in Australia.

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Weight 250.0 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3000 cm