Continental Recipe Base Mild Mince Curry 40g

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In just a few easy steps, create a delicious mid-week meal the whole family will enjoy, with the help of Continental. A family favourite with a special twist! Our Indian-inspired Mild Mince Curry recipe base makes this delicious mildly curried mince with vegetables for four people in just 30 minutes. Tasty Indian food made simple. All of our Continental Recipe Bases contain no artificial colours, flavours and added MSG, and are made with real ingredients, simply dried and combined to create a perfectly balanced flavour for your favourite dish. All you need is beef mince, a carrot, and peas to create this delicious dish the whole family will enjoy. Serve with steamed rice, broccolini and pappadums for a complete meal. At Continental, we love food the way you do. We know how much you value good, nutritious, flavourful food, as well as authentic home cooking. It feels good to cook, and even better to bring pleasure to the ones you love, through the food you put on the table. How we preserve and lock in flavour in our products is just as important as how we grow our vegetables in the first place. That can mean drying, freezing, boiling, or turning them into paste – whatever suits the Continental recipe they’ll be making. For over 50 years now, our chefs at Continental have combined their expertise, love of flavour, and only the finest ingredients to help you create great tasting meals every day.

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