Doritos Nacho Cheese Dip 300g

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Doritos Nacho Cheese flavoured salsa is the unbelievable cheesy hit that you cant stop dipping in.It’s easy as dip & crunch to have experience a bold taste sensation with this cheese dip inspired by Mexican flavours.
Doritos Nacho Cheese flavoured salsa has an authentic cheesy taste and just a hint of spice, it is the delicious way to really ramp up snack time and unload the full Doritos taste experience.

Load up your Doritos Corn Chips & Crackers with Nacho cheese Dip to unleash the full taste experience! Choose Nacho Cheese Doritos corn chip to double down the cheesy-ness!

If you’re looking for a more explosive taste experience, look up our Doritos Nachos recipe where this dip can be used as an excellent cheese substitute.

Doritos Nacho Cheese Dip, for the bold.
Nacho Cheese flavour
Unstoppable dipping
Perfect for sharing

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