G & M Australian Kakadu Plum Moisturising Cream 250g

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The secret is out, Australia’s native Kakadu Plum extract is the world’s richest source of Natural Vitamin C. The G & M Australian Kakadu Plum Cream is great in assisting with wrinkle reduction & anti-ageing whilst also assisting with reduction of hyper-pigmentation, redness, dark spots and increases skins lightness. The Australian Creams range features premium grade natural, iconic Australian active ingredients, which all have wonderful properties. Lightweight with a quick absorption rate, it is a an excellent option for both face and body.

Product Features:
Contains Kakadu Plum extract (World’s richest source of natural Vitimin C)
May assist in wrinkle reduction, skin firming, anti-ageing, hyper pigmentation, redness, dark spots
May increase skin lightness
Vitamin C found in Kakadu Plum is also the most stable Vitamin C in nature, meaning it holds its nutrient value for much longer.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 700 cm