Health Lab Aussie Lamington Jam Filled Chocolate Coated Balls 5 Pack

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Health Lab Aussie Lamington Jam Filled Balls are plant-based, free from gluten and vegan friendly. Coated in 70% dark choc.

A plant-based take on the Aussie Classic! A delightful 4-layered lamington ball featuring a raspberry “jam” inspired centre, wrapped in a light and airy “cake” layer, dipped in 70% dark chocolate and dusted in coconut. Reminiscent of Nanna’s sponge cakes.

Think light, airy, uplifting “sponge-cake” vibes.

– Plant-Based
– Gluten Free
– Palm Oil Free
– Vegan – Friendly
– No Artificial Colours or Flavours
– No Preservatives
– Aussie Born & Owned

Favourites Reimagined

Rediscover your childhood faves reimagined with our signature plant-based twist.
Get ready to ignite some serious throwback feels!

It’s what’s on the inside, that counts!

You’re welcome.

Don’t be polite.

Get ready to obsessed!

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Weight 160 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 700 cm