Maggi Butter Chicken Recipe Base 27g

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Feature MAGGI Butter Chicken at your next Family dinner. MAGGI Recipe Bases make it easy to create healthy, balanced meals that taste great for you and your family. It’s quick and easy, just add: 500g skinless chicken breast, chopped; 1 tbsp (20g) butter; 1 medium onion (150g), chopped; ¼ cup (60ml) tomato paste; 2/3 cup (170ml) cream. Accompany with rice and steamed green vegetables. This meal serves 4 hungry mouths. The Health Star Rating helps you make healthy choices when shopping, by comparing foods within a category. The Health Star Rating for this product is 3.5 Stars. At MAGGI, we are always working to improve the taste, health and nutrition of our products. Adapt the portions on your plate to suit the needs of your family. Also, be sure to balance your meal by filling half your plate with vegetables and salad. If you like this product, why not try one of the other MAGGI Recipe Bases.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 200 cm