Masterfoods San Choy Bow Recipe Base 175g

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Make Dinnertime Matter with Masterfoods™ Ready in 15 Minutes San Choy Bow Recipe Base 175 g

Whip up this family favourite in just 15 minutes.

Enjoy Chinese style flavours with a classic Asian blend of soy sauce, garlic & ginger.

This fast and fresh recipe base is free from artificial colours and flavours and can be enjoyed as part of your weekly diet.

Preparation: 5 Mins | Cook: 10 Mins | Serves: 4

What You’ll Need:
Canola Oil Spray
500 g lean Chicken Mince
1 tin Bean Sprouts (200 g), drained
1 MasterFoods™ San Choy Bow Recipe Base
2 Baby Cos Lettuce, washed and separated
How To Cook:
1. Heat pan on medium heat, add oil and mince. Cook until mince is browned.
2. Add bean sprouts and Recipe Base, stir until heated through.
3. Serve your MasterFoods™ San Choy Bow in lettuce leaves.

For Something Different:
Swap the Chicken for lean beef mince

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