Masterfoods Slow Cooker Garlic & Herb Lamb Shanks 175g

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Allow garlic and rosemary to infuse over the day with this hearty dinner.

Create a mouth-watering mid-week dinner to come home to with MasterFoods™ Slow Cook Garlic & Herb Lamb Shanks Recipe Base. This hearty recipe base releases aromas of garlic, rosemary and oregano. Just add lamb shanks, carrots, celery, diced tomatoes, potatoes and tomato paste for a delicious meal you can enjoy as part of your weekly diet.

Preparation: 15 mins | Cook: 8 hrs | Serves: 4

What You’ll Need:

Canola Oil Spray
4 Lamb Shanks (1.2 kg)
4 Carrots (400 g), peeled & quartered
2 Celery Sticks (80 g), sliced
400 g can No Added Salt Diced Tomatoes
4 tbsp No Added Salt Tomato Paste (140 g)
1 MasterFoods™ Garlic & Herb Lamb Shanks Recipe Base
4 medium Potatoes (600 g), peeled & mashed

How To Cook:
1. Heat pan on medium heat. Spray with oil and cook lamb shanks until browned.
2. Place carrots, celery, diced tomatoes, tomato paste and Recipe Base into a slow cooker and stir.
3. Add lamb shanks and cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours.
4. Serve your MasterFoods™ Garlic & Herb Lamb Shanks with mashed potatoes.
Please note slow cookers vary. This recipe is based on using a 3 litre slow cooker.

For Something Different: For a vegetarian option, swap the lamb for two whole beetroot, peeled and diced.

Blended with MasterFoods™ Herbs & Spices

Make Dinnertime Matter with MasterFoods™.

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