Nestle Top N Fill Caramel 395g

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Nestlé Top ‘n Fill Caramel is the perfect ingredient for all your caramel desserts. It is a ready made caramel so there is no cooking or baking necessary, just spoon the caramel straight from the can into tart shells, or spread over a slice base. Top n Fill Caramel is an easy to use caramel that makes baking even easier and more convenient. Create deliciously creamy caramel desserts such as Banoffee Pie, Caramel Cheesecake or even a no churn caramel ice cream – your friends and family are sure to love these homemade sweet creations. And to make this product even better, it is made from two ingredients: fresh whole milk and sugar

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 cm