Nobbys Salted Beer Nuts 375g

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Nibble on Nobbys Salted Beer Nuts when you’re craving a tasty snack. For over 50 years, Australians have grown to love the unbeatable quality and taste of Nobbys.

Enjoy the unbeatable quality and taste of Nobby’s Beer Nuts.
When you want a tasty and satisfying snack, whether it be relaxing on your own, entertaining friends or having a beer at the pub with your mates, it’s always a great time to whip out Nobbys Salted Beer Nuts. Our range has something for everyone, including Nobby’s cashews, beer nuts and mixed nuts, as well as Nobby’s Pork Crackle and Beef Jerky.

– Big on flavour, hard on crunch!
– Freshness quality guarantee.
– Pub favourite

Pub favourite

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 600 cm