Pepsi Schweppes Soft Drink Lemon 10x375mL

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Pepsi Max Lemon – combining the bold cola taste of Pepsi max with zesty lemon twist flavour for an even more refreshing cola experience. Pepsi Max Lemon will quench your thirst and ensure you can enjoy the taste of summer all year round.
Everything you love about Pepsi Max no sugar cola paired with a delicious lemon flavour to deliver a delightful taste sensation.
Pepsi Max No Sugar Lemon soft drink is also available in individual can and bottle for on-the-go, as well as a 1.25L bottle for in-home multi-serve occasions to share with family or friends on any social occasion when you’re looking for a soda treat that offers a more freshing take on cola.
Pepsi Max Lemon. Max Taste, No Sugar.
Refreshing Lemon Cola Refreshment
Bold Taste with No Sugar
Low in Calories
On-the-Go Serve
Fridge-Friendly Pack

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Weight 4600 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 10000 cm