Smiths Crinkle Cut Chips Salt & Vinegar PARTY SIZE 380g

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Smith’s Crinkle Cut Potato Chips are the original and the best. Paired with the bold Salt & Vinegar seasoning, you get a true-blue snacking experience. You Know You Love ‘Em

Smith’s Crinkle Cut Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips – There is no better snack when watching the footy grand final, having a picnic or indulging after work. Our top quality Aussie potatoes are peeled & sliced to just the right crinkle cut thickness & cooked to perfection then sprinkled with our famous seasoning so you can enjoy the classic crunch & unbeatable Salt & Vinegar flavour that only a Smith’s potato chip can bring!

Smith’s Crinkle Cut Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips:
– Perfect jumbo size for the whole family or a party.
– So stop reading, crack it open and start sharing.
– Made from top quality Aussie potatoes.
– Contains no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and are gluten free.

You know you love ’em.

Made from top quality Aussie potatoes.

No artificial colours

No artificial flavours

Gluten Free

Perfect for any occasion

Crinkle Cut


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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 8500 cm