Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Exfoliating Face Scrub For Acne 100mL

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Exfoliating scrub with the antibacterial goodness of Tea Tree oil and the exfoliating action of ground tea tree leaves, apricot shell powder and papain.

A perfect add on to the acne skincare regimen, Thursday Plantation’s new scrub have extracted more benefits from the tea tree plant and nature than ever before by harnessing 100% pure Tea Tree Oil as well as crushed tea tree leaves.

This 98% naturally derived and vegan friendly scrub is a great choice for the acne consumer looking for skincare benefits from natural ingredients. While the antibacterial tea tree oil cleanses skin, a combination of ground tea tree leaves, apricot shell powder and papain exfoliates to remove impurities and dead skin, leaving skin feeling smooth and cleansed.

Product Features:

Helps to prevent acne by cleansing and exfoliating acne-prone skin
Contains 100% pure Australian tea tree oil, with an antibacterial action
Triple exfoliating benefits of 100% natural crushed tea tree leaves, apricot powder and papain extract from papaya
Vegan friendly
98% naturally derived

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