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Let’s play with Bluey, Bingo and the Wackadoo Watch! This wristwatch for kids featuring Bingo includes eight digital clock faces, time tools and four games. Hear the voices of Bluey and Bingo guide you through games that include characters from the show. Bandit has wound Bingo up like a wind-up toy! Press the left and right buttons to help Bingo avoid obstacles that appear in the classroom. Bluey wants to play a game of keepy-uppy! Help Bluey keep a balloon off the ground by using the left and right buttons. At Hammerbarn, Bluey wants to buy the same thing as Bingo. Match an object with its shadow to find a matching item. See Bingo hide her plush bunny Floppy into one of three chickenrat eggs and mix them up. Watch carefully and choose the egg where Floppy is hidden. Time tools include a stopwatch, timer and alarm. Wackadoo!
Product Features:
This kids’ watch features Bingo on the cover and characters from the hit show Bluey
Watch includes eight digital clock faces, stopwatch, timer and alarm
Four playful games inspired by the show encourage imagination with activities featuring Bluey, Bingo and more
Hear the voices of Bluey and Bingo say popular phrases from the show Bluey while playing each activity

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