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Australian Food Care Packages China

Nothing cures homesickness like having an Australian Food Care Package sent from home. Whether it’s for yourself, or for someone you love. You can add a personal message, and photo, and have it sent to a homesick Aussie abroad in China. In doing so, you’ll be sure to make their day, and bring back nostalgia with a taste of home.

Australian Arnott’s Tim Tams Biscuits China

Feeling like a Tim Tam Slam? How about some Australian Arnott’s biscuits with a nice cuppa? Well look no further, as we have the largest online range of Australian biscuits delivered from Aus to China. Grab some Shapes and see the flavour. Bite an Anzac biscuit and remember a hot summers day. “Snack” on an Arnotts Teevee Snack sitting in front of the TV.

Australian Cadbury Chocolate China

No one does chocolate like Cadbury, and no one does Cadbury like Australia. Have you been looking around China for a Cadbury Cherry Ripe Bar? Or a Cadbury Caramello Koala? How about even a good ol’ block of Cadbury Marvelous Creations? Well look no further, with the largest range of Australian chocolate online delivered to China, you can stop looking, and start eating.

Australian Cheezels, Red Rock Deli Chips China

Australian chips are the best chips. You can’t beat the “cheesiness” of Cheezels, the classic taste if Twisties, or other favourites like Smiths Chicken or Salt and Vinegar, Red Rock Deli, Thins, Kettle, Burger Rings, the list could go on! But why go on with life without Aussie chips? Even if you're not in Australia, you can enjoy them in China and have them delivered to your door. A simple online order at the Australian Food Shop will do the trick.

Australian Allen’s Lollies China

Allen’s Lollies make an appearance at pretty much every kids party across Australia. That’s probably why Allen’s Lollies even have a lolly bag called “Party Mix”. But they’re not just for kids - Adults in Australia want to eat them at “grown up” parties too, which is probably why they made another bag called “Retro Party Mix”. But even if you're not in Australia, why not have your own Aussie party with some Allens Lollies sent to your home in China.

Australian Nestle Milo Drinks China

Nestle Milo, a drink, yet also a crunchy substance, and hence considered by some Australians (when Mum’s not looking) a food. Milo does exist outside of Australia, however made with different ingredients, and therefore tastes different. If you want an authentic Aussie Nestle Milo Drink, then the best place to find it in China is online, from The Australian Food Shop, where everything is sent FROM AUSTRALIA to your door in China.

Vegemite in China

Vegemite! Loved by Australians, yet despised by the world. So getting your hands on a humble jar of vegemite can be a challenge if you are not living in the Land Down Under. But it shouldn't be the case. Every Aussie, even if they move abroad to China, deserves to wake up and make a piece of Vegemite toast, and enjoy the savoury yeast spread as the sun rises. And thanks to the Australian Food Shop, you can enjoy your vegemite on toast even in China, just order online and have it delivered to your door.

Chicken Salt in China

Chips are always better with Chicken Salt. The great Australian invention that revolutionised every Aussie takeaway store across the Great Southern Land. But now you too, even if far from home (in the land of China), can order Chicken Salt online, and revolutionise hot chips once more.

Lamingtons in China

How does one describe a lamington? Coconut, chocolate, cake, soft, bitesize, delicious, Australian. If you're craving a lamington while living in China, you can satisfy those lamington cravings without having to jump on a plane. Just place an online order at The Australian Food Shop, and we will put the lamingtons on a plane to come to you.

Australian Breakfast NutriGrain Cereal China

Nutri-grain cereal is one of Australia’s favourite breakfasts. Known as Iron man food, packed full of protein and multigrains, and very very tasty. Living in China and feeling like a bowl of Nutri-Grain? Grab one now online at The Australian Food Shop, and have it delivered direct to your door.

Australian Products Lucas Papaw Ointment China

We have a huge range of Australian health, beauty and household products here at the Australian Food Shop. If you're in China and looking for Lucas Papaw ointment, Savlon, Emu Oil, Gumption, Aeroguard, Bushmans, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil or any of the other Aussie products difficult to find while abroad, just search our range of Australian products. We can then ship your order to China to arrive at your doorstep.

Send the perfect gift for homesick Aussies

What better way to cure homesickness than with an Aussie Care Package full of the most popular Australian snacks. Just select and order and we take care of the rest!

Customisable care packages

Sweet, savoury, or a bit of everything. Create the perfect Aussie snack hamper combination for your loved one to suit your budget.

Inexpensive worldwide shipping

We can ship your goodies at better rates than doing it yourself. Shipping starts at US$8.99 (check care package rates) per order.

Personalise your package with a message and photo

Add a personal message and photo to your care package, for no additional fee.