Will emu oil irritate my skin?

Pure emu oil is safe to use on sensitive skin, due to naturally occurring sapogens within the oil. It is also non-comedogenic, so emu oil will not clog skin pores, but instead will soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin, make sure you use 100% pure emu oil with no additives from a reputable source. This will ensure the oil hasn’t been diluted with other oils or fragrances.

Why is my emu oil thick, instead of a liquid?

The oil will thicken naturally in colder weather and may solidify.

This is a normal reaction!

The oil is still safe to use. To use your emu oil in colder months, store smaller bottles on their lids in a warm spot. If solidified, simply place your bottle of oil in a bowl of warm water for 5 mins, shake and use as normal.

In warmer weather the oil will be more fluid and the colour will change to a golden/clear colour.

All Emu Logic emu oil is completely natural and has no additives, so the colour and appearance may differ slightly with each batch.

Is it safe to use emu oil on my face?

Yes, a small amount of emu oil is all that is needed for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea as well as dry skin, sunburn, skin damage and general skin care.

Can I use emu oil on my hair?

Yes, emu oil is great for dry and itchy scalps. Work a little bit of emu oil through wet hair from root to tip. The oil can be left for as little as 20-30 mins or even overnight. Wash hair with shampoo to remove any excess oil.

Can I use emu oil in conjunction with other medications?

Yes, it’s always best to check with a medical professional first, but there are no known medications which cannot be used in conjunction with emu oil.

Can I use emu oil when I am pregnant?

Yes, it’s always best to check with a medical professional first, but pure emu oil is great for dry skin and areas prone to stretch marks. Taking it internally also has many benefits.

Does emu oil expire? / Can emu oil go bad or spoil?

The best before or expiry date on emu oil packaging is required by Australia consumer law and is labeled with 2 year shelf life. However emu oil will last much longer than this if kept in a cool dry space.

Can emu oil be used on Dogs?

Yes, emu oil is great for dogs. Emu oil can be used to treat dogs suffering from joint stiffness, bruising, swelling and pain.

What does emu oil smell like?

Fresh emu oil has no scent.

Can emu oil be used as a lubricant?

Yes, emu oil is a great natural lubricant for intercourse and is extremely safe for all areas.

Where to buy pure emu oil near me?

We send emu oil worldwide! We regularly send emu oil to the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Singapore, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Malaysia, Malta, India, Thailand, South Korea and Hong Kong. As long as you have a postal address, we can send it to you.