Large Care Package (Customisable)

$109.00 USD

Grab a Large-sized care package of Australian goodies with great value and savings. Plenty of options such such as Fantales or Fruity Chews? Cheese or Chicken Twisties? Caramello Koala or Freddo Frog?

Monster Care Package (Customisable)

$220.00 USD

Grab a monster-sized care package full of Australian goodies with monster savings and value. Plenty of options such such as Snakes or Frogs Alive? Twisties or Burger Rings? Cherry Ripe or Crunchie?

Medium Care Package (Customisable)

$55.00 USD

Grab a Medium-sized care package of Australian goodies and full of value. A combination of regular and fun size products, with plenty of options such such as Vegemite or Tim-Tams? Wagon Wheels or Tiny Teddies? Pizza or BBQ Shapes?