Cadbury Easter Eggs and Bunnies

Craving some Cadbury Chocolate Easter Eggs, made with the famous Dairy Milk Chocolate. Grab a Cadbury Easter Bunny with our huge selection of Cherry Ripe, Caramilk, Dream and Carramello. With a glass and a half of milk in every egg and bunny.

Cadbury Cherry Ripe Hollow Egg
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Cadbury Cherry Ripe Hollow Egg 110g

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Cadbury Creme Egg 39g

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Our Favourite Cadbury Chocolate Easter Eggs

Cadbury Turkish Delight Easter Eggs

Deliciously soft Turkish Delight favoured Jelly inside every Cadbury Turkish Delight Easter egg, covered with just the right amount of milk chocolate.

Cadbury Oreo Easter Eggs

Tasty vanilla flavoured creme and Oreo biscuit pieces inside every Cadbury Oreo Easter Egg, covered with delicious milk chocolate.

Cadbury Top Deck Easter Eggs

Inside the Cadbury Top Deck egg is the perfect mixture of both milk chocolate and Dream white chocolate.

Cadbury Caramello Easter Eggs

The Cadbury Caramello Easter Egg is filled with smooth liquid gooey caramel and encased in creamy Dairy Milk Chocolate.

Our Favourite Cadbury Chocolate Easter Bunnies

cadbury caramilk gift boxcadbury

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bunny

The classic Australian Chocolate Easter bunny. Pure Dairy Milk chocolate, the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bunny is always a favourite each year.

Cadbury Marshmallow Bunny

Soft vanilla marshmallow covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. The Cadbury Marshmallow Bunny is the perfect treat.

Cadbury Caramilk Bunny

The Cadbury Caramilk Bunny is a sweet taste sensation with a golden blend of caramelised white chocolate.

Cadbury Dream Bunny

The Cadbury Dream bunny is a delicious smooth and creamy white chocolate bunny. Any white chocolate lover will not be disappointed.

Do Cadbury Easter Eggs Contain Gluten?

Most of the Cadbury Easter eggs and bunnies are gluten free as they are made in a separate area to the chocolate blocks. However it is best to check each item first to know for certain.

Are there dairy free Cadbury Easter Eggs?

Unfortunately there are no Cadbury Easter eggs which are dairy free, however we do have other Easter eggs which are dairy free. Using the filter for dairy free will help these to be found easily.

Is Cadbury Easter Egg Chocolate different?

Cadbury easter egg chocolate has the same ingredients as the bars and blocks, however many say the different shape of the eggs and bunnies gives a different taste.

Where to buy Cadbury Easter Eggs?

You can buy Cadbury Easter eggs right here at The Australian Food Shop. We deliver Cadbury Easter eggs and bunnies overseas to all countries.