Cadbury Caramilk Egg Bag 230g

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Cadbury Caramilk Egg Bag 230g

Best Before is June 2022, however Cadbury Parent brand Mondelez have stated that shelf life is 6-9 months longer than stated on packets, as per email response (sent to us during March of last year): Most Cadbury Easter confectionery produced each season has a best before date of June of that current year. The reason we do this is to ensure that retailers sell off any unsold product after Easter and are not tempted to warehouse the stock for the following season, risking product deterioration and temperature abuse of our chocolate over the summer period. This practice is in place to protect our consumers and we would like to reassure you that any Cadbury Easter products purchased this year have a shelf life of around 12 months and can be consumed and enjoyed for many months to come.

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