Nature’s Own Odourless Fish Oil High Strength 1500mg 200 pack

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Relieves mild rheumatic painSupports brain functionMaintains general wellbeing

Nature’s Own® Odourless Fish Oil 1500mg has 50% more Omega-3*, so you can easily enjoy the health benefits each day in fewer capsules. This is a naturally derived Omega-3 essential fatty acids with an odourless formula to reduce fishy aftertaste.
•Naturally derived Omega-3
•Relieves mild rheumatic aches & pains
•Maintains cardiovascular system health
•Supports brain function
•Maintains eye health
•Maintains general health & wellbeing
*when compared to standard 1000mg fish oil capsules

Naturally derived omega-3: With an odourless formula to reduce fishy aftertaste

Product benefits: Relieves mild rheumatic aches and pains, supports brain function and maintains eye health

Maintains general health and wellbeing: Also maintains cardiovascular system health

50% more omega-3: When compared to standard 1000mg fish oil capsules

This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase, in warnings section below. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional.

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