Vanish Napisan Stain Remover

Napisan is known as one of the best clothes and fabric stain removers in Australia. Vanish stain remover is made of a special Oxi action formula that’s hard to find anywhere else. Check our large range of Vanish products below.

Vanish Stain Remover


Napisan stain remover powder has a powerful Oxi action formula which does an excellent job at removing stains from clothes. Napisan powder can be used even in a cold wash for great results.

Vanish Detergent

Vanish laundry detergent is a laundry booster with a multi power formula. Vanish laundry stain remover works wonders when used for soaking and has antibacterial properties which can remove odours.

Vanish Powder

Vanish Oxi action Powder has sodium percarbonate which releases active oxygen to lift out stains. It has enzymes which break down food starch and outdoor stains. It has anionic & Non-Ionic surfactants which remove greasy stains safely.

Vanish Spray

Vanish stain remover spray is very easy to use, just give a few sprays onto the stain and rub the fabric together before placing clothes into the wash. Usually removes stains first time.

vanish napisan oxi action stain remover powder 1kg

Information about Vanish Napisan Stain Remover

Vanish Napisan Gold Pro stain remover powder

Vanish Napisan gold pro is the golden standard Oxi action formula. It effectively removes even the hardest most stubborn stains on clothes and fabric. The gold pro is the best out there.

Vanish stain remover for white clothes

By using Napisan for whitening you can keep whites bright, remove odours and clean stains. The best vanish products for whites are the Oxi Advance Crystal White range.

Which vanish stain remover is best

This question really depends on which material you are trying to get a stain out of, and which stain you are trying to remove. Depending on whites or colours, depending on a dry old stain or a new one.

Napisan Ingrediants

The ingredients of Napisan are: Hydrogen Peroxide 35g/L, Sodium percarbonate, Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED), Enzymes, Anionic & Nonionic Surfactants, Zeolite, Sodium Carbonate, Perfume.

Common Questions about Vanish Napisan

Where to buy Vanish Napisan Stain Remover

We sell and deliver Napisan to the USA, UK and to everywhere around the world. You can buy a large selection of the vanish range right here at The Australian Food Shop.

Does Napisan remove colour run?

Vanish color stain remover can even brighten colors, however clothes should not be left to soak for more than 2 hours otherswise it can cause colours to fade.

What is Napisan Oxi Action?

Napisan Oxi Action contains Oxi Powerlift which is the key ingredient in removing even tough dried in stains. Because of this formula Napisan is safe to use and free from chlorine bleach.

How to use Napisan

To use the Napisan Oxi Action Stain remover in-wash simply add 1 scoop to a top loader or half a scoop to a front end loader with detergent. For best results rub on stains before washing.