Nestle Cini Minis Churros 360g

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Discover the new Nestle CINI MINIS CHURROS breakfast cereal. With their crazy cinnamon taste and super crunchiness no one can resist! Whole grain cereals, inspired by the famous Churros pastry from Spain, it has a unique shape, irresistibly delicious cinnamon taste and extra crunchiness. Nestle CINI MINIS CHURROS excites your daily breakfast routine and gives countless possibilities to enjoy it! CINI MINIS CHURROS cereals are: super crunchy, with whole grain as the n°1 ingredient, without artificial colours or flavours, unique shape, perfect cinnamon flavour and super crunchiness! All in one CINI MINIS CHURROS breakfast cereal pack.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 4000 cm