Bsc Low Carb Mousse Protein Powder Dessert Chocoholic 400g

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Body Science Low Carb Mousse Protein Dessert Powder Chocoholic is with real chocolate pieces. Contains 23.5g protein, 150 calories, 6.4g carbs, 2.0g fibre (on average per 40g serve), gluten free tested. Amazing texture! Just add water.

Now you can have your mousse and eat it too. Say hello to low carb, high protein, low calorie dessert satisfaction. The BSc BODYSCIENCE Low Carb Mousse is something special. Fluffy creamy mousse with chocolate biscuit pieces in every mouthful. Preparing your new favourite sweet treat has never been easier! Simply whisk it up with cold water, then let your creative juices flow and construct your new favourite sweet treat. With Casein Protein, MCT Oil, Fibre, 23g of Protein and naturally occurring Glutamine, L-leucine and BCAAs, a serving of our mouthwatering mousse contains less than 150 calories. Guilt-free dessert treats? Yes please!

BSc BODY SCIENCE is proudly Australia’s #1 performance lifestyle nutrition brand creating Australian made products since 1999.

High Protein, Low Carb dessert mousse.

Only 150 Calories per serve.

HASTA™ tested for purity and safety.

Added fibre and MCT oil to increase satiety.

Ideal protein blend to improve muscle repair and build.

Tastes great, just add water!

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