Maggie Beer Verjuice 375ml

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Seasonal produce, picked at its peak of ripeness, is the basis of everything I do – it’s all about the flavour. We make our Verjuice from unfermented, early season, premium south Australian grapes. Its effect and flavor is completely unique and has become an absolute essential in my cooking. Because it is milder than Red Wine Vinegar or lemon juice it provides a gentle acidity that intensifies flavor and ‘Brightens’ the food you are cooking without ‘Masking’ any subtle characteristics. Mix with a squeeze of lemon and extra virgin olive oil for a simple vinaigrette or take hollandaise or beurre blanc to another level by using verjuice instead of vinegar pr white wine use to deglaze when cooking chicken or fish or try it as a perfect non-alcoholic alternative in a risotto. It really couldn’t be any more versatile! Maggie’s Verjuice Maggie was the first to produce Verjuice commercially in the world. It is her ongoing passion and she happily adheres to the adage of “when in doubt, just add Verjuice!”

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