Nescafe Tim Tam Dark Chocolate Mocha Coffee Sachets 8 Pack

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After something dark, decadent and irresistible? How about this creamy favourite – NESCAFE Dark Choc Mocha inspired by Arnott’s Tim Tam Dark. An irresistible combination of full-bodied coffee and rich dark choc flavour, topped with a layer of velvety froth.For even more indulgence try the Tim Tam Slam. BITE – bite off two diagonal corners of a Tim Tam. SIP – Dip the Tim Tam into your Nescafe and SIP through the other end, then…SLAM – once your Nescafe comes through quickly SLAM the whole Tim Tam into your mouth and enjoy!

Each pack contains 8 serves.

Enjoy your deliciously frothy coffee in two easy steps. First empty the content of a sachet into your favourite cup. Next pour 150ml (23 cup) of hot, not boiling water and give it a good stir. And ENJOY!

At NESCAFE we care about our coffee and the packaging it comes in. That’s why Nestle is committed to sustainably sourced coffee beans for our Nescafe Coffee Sachets range and to making out packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

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