Sakata Teriyaki Rice Puffs Crackers

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Sakata Teriyaki Rice Puffs are versatile and delicious.
With a dip, topped with cheese or just on their own straight from the packet, Sakata Teriyaki Rice Puffs are the perfect snack the whole family can enjoy. The history of Sakata can be traced back to the Japanese village of the same name where Sakata’s original usuyaki crispy rice cracker was first created.
At the centre of Japanese cuisine is the art of simplicity — a few ingredients skilfully combined to achieve a simple, unpretentious result. At Sakata we will always start with the highest quality ingredients, artfully crafting them into delicious rice snacks we hope you will love.
– Gluten-free
– Natural Colours & Flavours
– Oven Baked

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Weight 170 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2400 cm