Sour Patch Kids Gamerz Gaming Shaped Lollies 190g

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SOUR PATCH KIDS Gamerz are delicious fruit flavoured lollies in fun gaming inspired shapes, covered in a sour then sweet blast!

What’s Sour then Sweet but always delicious? You already know: SOUR PATCH KIDS lollies!

Immerse your tastebuds on a sour then sweet journey with Sour Patch Kids GAMERZ! A delicious mix of fruit flavoured jellies in gaming inspired shapes, including a controller, buttons, headset, trophy, Sour Patch Kid with a VR headset and our iconic Sour Patch Kid.

Disrupt the dull with our awesome candy flavours including Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Boysenberry, Lime, Orange and Pineapple.

Delicious fruit flavoured lollies in fun, gaming-themed shapes, covered in a sour then sweet blast!

No artificial colours or flavours

Plant based recipe

Perfect for sharing a little sweet mischief, at candy-crucial gatherings, for Halloween, birthday parties, celebrations and special occasions.

Keep everyone satisfied when you bring all your favourite KIDS to the party!

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Weight 305 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 580 cm